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>The list so far (please feel free to add more):
>Mobile Suit (Gundam)
>Labor (Patlabor)
>Guymelef (Escaflowne)
>Mortar Head (Five Star Stories) - isn't there some odd spelling for this?

Mortarr Head

>? (Macross) - I don't quite know what to do for this one. Valkyrie is
>specific to the U.N. Spacy's transformable mobile suits. Battroid maybe?
>Antibody (Brainpowered)

Destroid, Battroid, and Gerwalk seem to be standard terms.

>There's got to be a lot more. Anyone?

Aura Battle (Dunbine)
Drifand (Anti-Grav vehicle, Orguss)
Super Powered Tracer (Layzner)
Cruise Chaser (Blassty)
EVA (somebody had to mention it)

Thats all I can think of just now.


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