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> Brandon Perlow wrote:
> > I love 0083!! Lets face it we are deprived of good gundam here in the
US, even
> > though we got wing, we dont get the the original gundam, we get the
edited movie
> > versions.. Even tho nightengale and his buddies dont think highly of it
, because it
> > doesnt rate as well as the other UC stuff, thats all relative.
> Yeah, Speaking of which, Did any of you guys read the 0083 review on
Newtype Aslum? A
> bit harsh, although there was certainly SOME truth in it.

Yes, but I think it was looked at from more of an "old-school Gundam fan"
point of view. Gundam 0083 was made for an action-oriented 90s audience
who's probably been brought up on Hollywood blockbusters. As such, I would
consider it a very good Hollywood-style take on Gundam. Lots of special
effects (bordering on obscene), solid characterizations (they DO have
personality) and a sturdy plot. Love triangle is tacked on, but then many
movie love triangles are as well.
> I about fell out of my chair laughing when I read: "Anavel Gato acted as
if he was an
> android programmed to fulfill nothing more than the glory of Zeon."! It's
so true!

Yeah, but it's not totally unrealistic. Many soldiers are like that as well.


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