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>pg.59-61 Details from the MG Gundam version 1.5. The inner leg will
>be molded completely together, system injection style, and will have
>4 sets of pistons and a double jointed knee- all in one piece.

I've never been that interested in getting the original MG RX-78-2, but if
v.1.5 is as cool as it's made out to be, I may well be tempted.

>pg.62 Pictures of the completed MG RX-78(G). Funny, though I liked
>the design when 08th MS team debuted, I seemed to have gotten tired
>of it. It just seems bland.

I assume you mean the RX-79(G)

Yes I am a nitpicker!

Seriously, I do like the RX-79(G) and I think it's a logical model for
Bandai to do. They've done a great job including all the weapons and there
are tons of variants (Ez8, RGM-79(G), GM Sniper) for them to bring out down
the road in order to squeeze more money from us Gundam fans!


>Next Issue- How to build SD gundam

Maybe if you put your regular Gundam in they dryer it'll shrink :-)


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