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Wed, 17 May 2000 23:33:05 -0800

I just got the june HJ and thought I'd run down the highlights + some comments.

The main feature covers the All Japan "Ora-Zaku" championship. The
winner gracing the cover is a beautiful PG zaku. Check out the hands
on this model. The fingers all have a rounded look, like in the
anime, yet still fully articulated. The shoulder areas are also
reworked with more detail, articulation.

pg.4-57 Contest coverage

pg.17- A cool retcon model of the Hambrabi, massively reworked from
the MG GP01fb.

pg.26- two interesting models on this page. on the top is a sort of
novelty zaku with details from star wars kits. For instance, the the
shoulder armor is the wing from darth vader's tie fighter. The rear
skirt armor is actually the rear deck from the millennium falcon,
etc. It's clever and the modeller pulled the gimmick off well (except
for a giant skull on it's shoulder?!). On the bottom of the page is
an all grey turn-A gundam with a reworked head. It makes the Turn-A
look very cool.

pg.59-61 Details from the MG Gundam version 1.5. The inner leg will
be molded completely together, system injection style, and will have
4 sets of pistons and a double jointed knee- all in one piece.

pg.62 Pictures of the completed MG RX-78(G). Funny, though I liked
the design when 08th MS team debuted, I seemed to have gotten tired
of it. It just seems bland.

pg.67-74 a foldout and shots of a scratch-built and highly detailed Turn-X

pg.75-79 HGUC Gouf review

pg.80-82 A prototype Mk-II conversion

In between some pages on SD gundam stuff, there is a page on the Dopp
(that came with the green chogokin Zaku) I had to look twice because
I thought it was another SD feature. ('cause the Dopp's so stubby)

pg.90 Pics of the Zeta MSiA

pg.94-97 More G-Savior (still don't like it)

There's some features on The Big-O later in the magazine.

All in all...a good issue.

Next Issue- How to build SD gundam


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