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Wed, 17 May 2000 10:56:32 -0700

Edward Ju wrote:

> For your information... it's been in syndication for several times
> since its original broadcast.

Of course I know that my tapes of the 1st 20 episodes are from an early 90s showing
based on the commercials.

> Go to any J-town near you and you can rent
> tapes recorded from these re-runs at any mom-and-pop video rental store

Well that's just great... IF you have a Japan town near you. back when I was running
an anime club in Iowa, we would have to go clear to Chicago (a 9 hour drive) to go
to any of those places! and they only carried recent shows!

Now that I'm here in Western Washington state, I have to go clear to Seattle, (4.5
hour drive) to get to those kind of places. On top of that the guys I hang out with
only like obscure magical girl shows. ARRRRGH!!! ^_^

---Brett Jensen

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