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Brandon Perlow wrote:
> get the edited movie versions.. Even tho nightengale and his buddies
> dont think highly of it , because it doesnt rate as well as the other
> UC stuff, thats all relative. It may be a few years till I can see the
> entirety of Zeta .ZZ. V, or 08 ms team..

Being the "buddy" (singular, thanks) in question and the author of "What
if Star Wars were done like 0083", I guess I should speak for myself a
little bit.

The reason I hate 0083 so much is that it failed so badly at it was trying
to do: (1) explain the rise of the Titans and the destruction of the last
Zeon fleet, (2) mix in a lot of rock and roll high-octane top gun action.
In my book, it scored a 2/10 on primary mission and 6/10 in secondary

It really bugs me that they screwed up such a golden oppotunity, remember
for us Asian fans, we were familar with 0079 (original series/movies) when
the Fed was good, a little burecratic and inefficient, but 99% good; Zeon
was evil, they had some good characters, but 99% evil. Then in Zeta, the
Feds (Titans) were the bad guys and ANTI-EARTH Union Group were the good
guys. At the end of 0079, the world was fine (albeit a little charred and
burned), at the beginning of Zeta, the world was effectively ruled by a
bunch of thuds. So somewhere between 0080 and 0087, something big
happened and the good guys turned to the Dark Side. The analogy with the
Star Wars Prequels is perfect, we all know how it ends, we all know there
will be a lot of moral twists and turns, and we all wanted fireworks. But
IMHO it failed far worse than SW1 (and Lucas still got 2 more movies to
fix things up).

It's also the first Gundam with a hero who's both a professional soldier
and above legal drinking age. Won't it be nice to get a Tom Cruise and
Clint Eastwood thing going? South Burning is actually a pretty good
version of Eastwood, but instead of Cruise, we get a Woody Allen as Kou
Ukari (bad comparison perhaps, after all Woody Allen did manage to lose
his virginity). I understand and respect many GMLers' fondness of Kou, but
it's safe to say that out of all the Gundam lead characters (Amuro,
Camille, ..., Heero), Kou must have the lowest popularity amongst all
fans. Nina is a head case too, Nina and Relena are nose-to-nose as least
liked female characters in Gundam.

> Frankly I thought 0083 was
> pretty good. However I would have to say since SO much is going on ,

Perhaps by North American standard, it's pretty good. Bottom line is that
so much of the domestic releases are such crappy anime, 0083 is pretty
good by comparison, especially if it's the first Gundam you ever saw. But
if you had watched 0079 and Zeta as you grow up, you developed this huge
void that was promised to be filled in by an OVA. If you take this
altitude to watch 0083, it really feels like a dud.

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