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>> Am working on a 1/144 bawoo at home, and I've pretty much figured out how

>> put PC hands on it (takes some surgery, but it can be done).
>I just got mine (built one years ago, but it's long gone), so I haven't
>started on it. The hands are horrible, so this is definitely a must.

yeah, it's down to me deciding to use the EW hands....BUT, if I can get some
extra hands from the F90 VSBR extra kit that I have, I will. I will definitely
use ball joints for the wrist, that way, I can offset the problem with the arms.

>> My problem is
>> that in the manual illustrations/art, the backpack can detach, but the kit

>> built that way. it uses some kind of hook and lock system. any ideas?
>This is the first thing I noticed when trying to figure out what's wrong
>with the kit. It won't be easy to fix, because of the hinge required for
>the transformation. Hmmm...I guess I'd leave that part alone, but you might

>be able to chop of the part it hinges on, then attach a rod sticking off the

>back of that, and put a polycap in the torso. He would look bare without
>the backpack anyway. :)

Stick and polycap? I want a way where I can actually show off the part...not
just make it a stick and polycap, but do the actual hook system...but if it
has to be a stick and polycap, well...I guess I have to make it look really

>>Another thing...the knee is constructed such
>> that the knee joint is actually in an awkward position. would it be a
>> idea to redo this and come up with a double joint?
>It looks like the joint on the "real" Bawoo is sort of like that of the
>ReGZ, with the "knee" a hinged seperate part. I don't really see how he
>could get much movement at the knee without having a joint which could
>actually extend out of the armor to give some extra room to move when it
>bends. :(

Yeah, it is seems that the Bawoo kit will not be able to pose
in nice action leg stuff because of this knee problem...ARGH.

>>This sort of modification
>> is one part I have no uexperience in utterly. and the skirt plates are
>> piece -- or at least, immovable. would it be a good idea to cut make them

>> moving plates? or would that be useless, considering the kit's size?
>Well, you kind of just have to jump in, and be prepared to chop up and ruin

>some kits (having an extra would be handy). I definitely plan to chop off

>the skirt armor and hinge it. The design isn't such that you could really

>do alot of dynamic stuff with the legs, but I find the look of hinged waste

>armor is better, even if you don't use it (looks pretty stiff as is). I
>think cutting off the armor protecting the top of the foot and hinging it
>would be cool also (you'd have to rebuild the top of the foot with sheet

hMMM...I hadn'ty thought of that. I guess I will have to do some experimanting
with some of my other babies.

>I'm actually thinking of skipping the transformation so I can make the MS
>mode look better (what the heck IS the Bawoo Nutter??). I'd like to beef up

>the red chest piece by moving it toward the front and puttying it a bit, all

>good MS need big chest and groins. :) The arm articulation could be
>improved as well, but I haven't put much thought into it yet. He also needs

>better verniers on the back of his ankles. All in all, this is one of the

>best looking ZZ kits, though. Gotta love the Bawoo...

LOL! I have a bad feeling that I will have a long time building this one.

>Man, I really want a MG Bawoo!
>Peter Savin

A retooled HGUC kit would be fine with me, to tell the truth, but an MG would
be great.

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