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Wed, 17 May 2000 21:15:54 MST

> >I forgot to mention that it was because of my annoying little cousins
> >with it and took apart the ear piece. Little kids should realize that
> >kits aren't toys. Just the other day, my friend took down my 1/100
> >Custom from my shelf and accidently broke the weapon holster on the
> >thruster. I had to pry the booster open, pop the snapped piece then glue
> >together with Plastiweld. Ugh...
> >~Andy Lee
> >CookSuxXL
>This is the reason why people (all ages) who think thatn japanese robot
>are toys are BANNED from my room. The last time a kid cousin of mine tried
>to play with my kits, I basically threatened to rip his arms off at the
> I know it isn't nice, but better a threat like that than to see a kit
>worked on for hours get smashed by some idiot.
>BTW, the kit he was planning to have fun with was my MG Zeta. You guys
>imagine my stress levels.

Ouch! I can just imagine. Clumsy fingers pop off one of the leg cables and
you've got little cylinders of green plastic flying everywhere!

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