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Thu, 18 May 2000 20:09:19 GMT

>I forgot to mention that it was because of my annoying little cousins played

>with it and took apart the ear piece. Little kids should realize that these

>kits aren't toys. Just the other day, my friend took down my 1/100 Serpent

>Custom from my shelf and accidently broke the weapon holster on the rocket

>thruster. I had to pry the booster open, pop the snapped piece then glue it

>together with Plastiweld. Ugh...
>~Andy Lee

This is the reason why people (all ages) who think thatn japanese robot kits
are toys are BANNED from my room. The last time a kid cousin of mine tried
to play with my kits, I basically threatened to rip his arms off at the shoulders.
 I know it isn't nice, but better a threat like that than to see a kit I've
worked on for hours get smashed by some idiot.

BTW, the kit he was planning to have fun with was my MG Zeta. You guys could
imagine my stress levels.

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