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>I just wanted to throw in my support for the Bawoo. He is my wallpaper for
>my home computer!
>I would LOVE to se an HG or MG kit done.
>Jeff C

hokay, nitty gritty time.

Am working on a 1/144 bawoo at home, and I've pretty much figured out how to
put PC hands on it (takes some surgery, but it can be done). My problem is
that in the manual illustrations/art, the backpack can detach, but the kit isn't
built that way. it uses some kind of hook and lock system. any ideas? private
e-mail if long, but if it's something that can benefit other kits, well, then,
let's hear it here in the list. Another thing...the knee is constructed such
that the knee joint is actually in an awkward position. would it be a good
idea to redo this and come up with a double joint? This sort of modification
is one part I have no uexperience in utterly. and the skirt plates are one
piece -- or at least, immovable. would it be a good idea to cut make them separate
moving plates? or would that be useless, considering the kit's size?

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