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>Only Gundams were released in the F-90 line:
>- F-90 w/ Assault, Destroid, and Support (think GunCannon) modules
>- F-90 with Plunge (atmospheric re-entry) module
>- F-90 VSBR experimental module (think F-91)
>- F-90 II with long range weapon module
>Kunio Okawara had quite a few more designs for the F-90 that were announced

>by Bandai in their own Making Journal and other publications but ultimately

>got canned (the man gets NO respect!), including a F-90 with marine combat


correction and question: I put F90IIY as the designation for the long range that correct? am in the office now, so I can't look at my stuff.
 If not, then the F()IIY is probably the cluster gundam, a sort of corefighter
equipped unit that seems to predate the backpack design philosophy of G Gundam,
and serves as a l9ink between that and 0083 in that respect.

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