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>BTW, what's the difference of someone being credited as a mecha designer and
>a mechanical stylist? I noticed in the 0083 credits (Animevillage release)
>that Kunio Okawara was credited as a mechanical designer and Shouji Kawamori
>was credited as a mechanical stylist.

Mechanical styling debuted in Gundam 0083. The idea originated with Dune,
I think -- a different set of artists designed the sets, costumes and
landscape for each of the planets so that they would all be distinctly
different from one another and also all be internally consistent. That's
what the mechanical stylists did with Gundam 0083. One person or team
styled the Federation MS/MA and another the Zeon MS/MA. They worked
independently so as not to influence one another, although they may have
been some crossover on the GP02A, which has a Zeonesque look to it even
before its subsequent makeover.

>Shouji Kawamori was credited as a Mechanical Stylist in Animerica for the
>original Macross - but as a designer for others.

Again, insofar as I know, Gundam 0083 was the first time they did this. Of
course, it just may have been the first time I heard of it, because I never
paid as close attention to Macross credits. Animerica may have just used
that term to characterize Kawamori's work as overall designer for the show.


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