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> Subject: [gundam] Gyan details?
> I have a few questions about the Gyan.
> Does the blade of it's beam sword retract, or does it just heat up
> like the dom's saber? Also, where do it keep it's sword when it's not
> in use?

Gyan is a very very good close quarter mobile suit. It is also the first
Zeon mobile suit with beam saber. So when not in use, there is just the
hilt of the beam saber.

> I noticed that the the Galbaldy alpha has the Gyan's backpack, and
> legs. Does that mean that the Galbaldy is the decendant of the Gyan
> (despite it's Gelgoog head)? What's the history of the Galbaldy?

Next generation mass production mobile suit after Gelgoog. Basically merge
the best of both world of Gyan and Gelgoog project. I believe that at the
end of OYW it is still in the design stage, and Zeon haven't build any yet.
Federation took over the project and mass produced it at Luna 2.

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