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Don't know about Kyoto, but Tokyo I might be able to help with. Unfortunately
I'm no good with giving directions, but I can give general info.

I just found this Webpage after a quick look at the Pike:

Damn I wish that had been up in march! ^_^ Looks pretty comprehensive. That
should tell you how to get places. Here is my opinion on stores to visit:


LIBERTY: This is a whole chain of stores in Akihabara. some of them have really
good deals on used LDs, CDs and DVDs

K BOOKS: The LD prices usually aren't as good, but you can get lots of cool
toys, books and used CD singles, and a HUGE hentai Doujinshi room if you are a
dirty pervert. ^_- Be sure to get a K BOOKS card. You get points (which directly
correspond to yen) back with every purchase. They usually don't offer them to
Gaijin, so you have to ask. -_-


FUJIYA AVIC In the same building as Mandarake, there 2 Fujiya anime stores. They
had a huge selection of really cheap LDs. 08th MS team 1-5 for $9 apiece anyone?
Howbout any Tenchi LD for $3 apiece? (wait should I be telling people this...uh


MANDARAKE: The main store, go in the evening and see girls in costume singing
Karaoke! This is the closest place to heaven that I've been. Used LDs, CDs Rare
toys, models Books and Dojin. I found My beloved LT Jeanne Southern Cross model

Hope this helps,
Brett Jensen wrote:

> Hi guys,
> Can people who have been to Japan lately please suggest some places in these
> cities for buying used lds and other anime goods? Next month I will be going
> to Japan for a week and will hopefully be able to spend some time shopping.
> thanks!
> Josh
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