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>David "Jojo" Wong wrote:
> > How is 08th MS Team? I know a lot of people have groused about its
> > disregard of UC continuity, but as a story how good is it? Feel free to
> > in-depth when giving me a review.'
>It's a mixed bag, really. I think the boxy federation MSs are rather ugly
>compared to say 0080 designs, but it's great to see alot of mecha which
>appeared since the original series, like Gouf, Dopp Magella Attack, etc...

I happen to like the boxy Fed MS designs.

>The characters are fun if overly goofy at times. IMO The Love story is even
>more cheezy than the Kou/Nina thing.
>I've only seen up thru episode six so I can't say too much. (I got the
>first 5
>LDs for under $50 in Japan!) I here it gets better later on though.

Depends on what you like. Starting with around episode 8, there's a lot
more action, but less character stuff. Some people would say that's better,
but I like the character stuff myself.

> > As for 0083 and 0080...I think many anime fans are holding off buying
> > until they reach DVD. 0083 would look so good in that format...
>It does! I'm sure the US release will be just as good, now that I've seen
>Gundam W and Cowboy Bebop DVDs!
>---Brett Jensen

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