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David "Jojo" Wong wrote:

> How is 08th MS Team? I know a lot of people have groused about its rampant
> disregard of UC continuity, but as a story how good is it? Feel free to go
> in-depth when giving me a review.'

It's a mixed bag, really. I think the boxy federation MSs are rather ugly when
compared to say 0080 designs, but it's great to see alot of mecha which haven't
appeared since the original series, like Gouf, Dopp Magella Attack, etc...

The characters are fun if overly goofy at times. IMO The Love story is even
more cheezy than the Kou/Nina thing.

I've only seen up thru episode six so I can't say too much. (I got the first 5
LDs for under $50 in Japan!) I here it gets better later on though.

> As for 0083 and 0080...I think many anime fans are holding off buying those
> until they reach DVD. 0083 would look so good in that format...

It does! I'm sure the US release will be just as good, now that I've seen the
Gundam W and Cowboy Bebop DVDs!

---Brett Jensen

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