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Wed, 17 May 2000 18:20:12 -0700 (PDT)

Dear List:

> I just keep thinking on one Fan-fic parody (I forget what it is called) I read. One Zeon soldier says that he once took Nina as a lover, and Nina's voice actress starts going off in a tantrum saying something along that lines of "How is it possible for this woman to have so many lovers buried in her past? She's an engineer for goodness sake! I quit! This storyline is getting ridiculous! There is no way she could have that many men in her life!", and then storms out of the recording studio.

Ah... actually since female engineers are such a rarity, it is HIGHLY possible
for someone like Nina to have a large number of lovers. Contrary to popular
belief, hot-looking female engineers do exist. As I can attest, I've seen some
pretty femme engineers from Brown, Stanford and MIT, (but not in Cornell or
Caltech though...) Even the not-so-beautiful ones are hot commodity because
they are so rare, it's not unusual to see ugly female engineering students
haven't multiple boyfriends (albeit, usually nerdy ones).

> As an engineering student myself, I found this particularly funny.

As a professional engineer, I find it rather sad. 8P

> Roland


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