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Yeah, it's almost like she totally forgot exactly who the guy was in the
first few episodes-although it's possible she remembered when he said "I now
claim this Mobile suit and it's nuclear Warhead....Zeon shall rise again!"
The expression on her face might indicate she nows something, and she keeps
it hidden for the next few episodes. I think the reason she gets so upset
later on is because she's now formed a bond to Kou, which might have brought
back feelings for Gato...or something.....
  Anyway, when Kou says "But he stole the Gundam Unit 2" at the very end,
does Nina say "Cowen(As in Admiral)has nothing to do with that" or "Kou, it
has nothing to do with that?" I suggest it's the latter.....
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> << Overall, I think more would have been better where 0083 was concerned.
> You brought up some very interesting points. It seems to me that as I was
watching 0083 come out, waiting for a new LD every month that it seemed to
grow into something bigger than had been originally intended. In fact, I
firmly expected the series to end at episode 6 when it first came out.
Obviously it got bigger and bigger as it went along.
> Did the creators have an exact plan for the show when it first came out?
or did the show undergo some drastic change in direction and scope?
> It seems that the Nina-Gato thing was shoved in there at the last second.
> Tom
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