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>How is 08th MS Team? I know a lot of people have groused about its rampant
>disregard of UC continuity, but as a story how good is it? Feel free to go
>in-depth when giving me a review.

Overall, I'd say its very good.

Much like 0080 has a different feel from any other Gundam series, The 08th
MS Team has it's own unique feel as well. This feeling manifests itself in
several different ways. The 08th MS Team seems to emphasize that the main
characters are part of a larger war effort in a way that the original series
and 0083 (with their penchant for independent actions by the White
Base/Albion) didn't. It also seems to place a greater emphasis on the
supporting cast. While Shiro Amada is the main character, quite a lot of
time is spent developing his comrades in arms. There's at least one episode
which barely features Shiro at all. Given that it's exclusively set on the
ground (aside from the first episode) and mostly in the jungle, it's got a
very different feel from the Gundam series set mostly in space. A good
comparison would be the opening sequence from Patlabor 2.

As far as plot goes, the 08th MS Team seems to be more episodic than most
other Gundam series. While there is an overall plot continuing through the
series, each episode tends to be an entire mini-story in it's own right
(there are very few cliffhanger endings). This more episodic nature may be
due in part to the very slow release schedule in Japan (I think it took them
about 3 years to do the entire series). The overall plot involves the
construction of a Zeon secret weapon (yes, another one) and the relationship
between Shiro and a female Zeon pilot.

The characters in the 08th MS Team don't seem to be as drive, angst ridden
or intense as those in other Gundam series. Fundamentally, most of them are
good, optimistic people confronted by a particularly nasty war (the war in
08th MS Team may be on a smaller scale than other series, but it's
considerably more nasty). As I said above, all the secondary characters are
given time to develop and they really have their own unique personalities.
The team members are probably closer to movies like "The Dirty Dozen" than
what you see in other Gundam series. We only get about 4 Zeon characters
with any real development, but even though they don't get as much screen
time as the team itself, they still have a fair bit of character
development. It's interesting that the Zeon commander whose a boorish lout
turns out to be a hell of a lot better person than the one whose a dainty

The MS designs are fairly down to earth. Aside from the RX-79[G] Ground
Combat Gundams, most Federation MS are GM variants (the only exception are
the Guntanks in the eps 10-11). The Zeon MS are almost all retcons of stuff
from the original series. The Zaku IIs and Doms are pretty standard updates
on the original designs. There are some gems for fans of the original
series, including appearances by the Zaku I, Gouf, Gow, Dopp and Magella

Like I said about 0080 yesterday, the 08th MS Team is different, but, IMHO,
it's a good kind of different.

>As for 0083 and 0080...I think many anime fans are holding off buying those
>until they reach DVD. 0083 would look so good in that format...

I've got the 0080 videos (my copy of 0083 is fansub) but I'd buy both on DVD
if they came out in that format.


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