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<< It seems that the Nina-Gato thing was shoved in there at the last second >>

Not really, you could tell it in hindsight:

1. When Gato stole 02, the shock on Nina's face was very apparant,and during
the course of the first few eps, she didnt want them to fight.

2. When Nina was in Anahiem Electronics, one of her co-workers asked if she
had gotten over men yet,probably refuring to the moon romance between Gato
and Nina

3. Kelley was shocked to see Nina on the moon trying to stop the two from
dueling. During that ep, Gato had sent a message to Kelley in a very friendly
manner,indicating the two must have been close friends. Kelley must have
known about Nina then.

The romance was pretty well hidden,very well hidden actually.

.>Bill?a chinese guy?

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