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I have the dub of 0080, and it's pretty good. The kids pretty much sound
like kids, and both Garcia and Misha have accents that reflect their voices,
which I heard is actually missing in the Japanese version. BTWm I've noticed
the 0080 voices in some other anime dubs. For instance, Cowboy Bebop has the
voice of Al's father as Spike and the guy in the wheelchair(Also Cowen in
0083)as Jet, Lain has the kids playing another group of kids, and Castle Of
Cagliostro has Bernie's voice as Lupin(Plus a few other voices from 0083:The
funniest was that the guy who voices Delaz plays the servant of Cagliostro,
who has the voice of Gato)...
Anyway, it is a very good and well-acted dub.
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> >Is the dubbing(Or at least, the dubbing script) for the three Gundam
> >out there really that bad? I heard it's done by ZRO limit
> >productions/Animaze, which is the best dub company, but according to
> >Animerica, the script is really, really messed up and a bad
> >translation(Whereas the subtitled is fine). I'm asking because I'll be
> >to save money by buying the dub, since the sub is about $10.00 more.
> I'm also interested in hearing comments on the dub quality of the Gundam
> Movies. I'd like to hear from someone who has the 0080 dub as well. I've
> already got both subtitled, but I'm considering introducing Gundam to my
> younger cousins (one of them suffers from dyslexia, so a subed video
> wouldn't be a good idea).
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