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08th MS Team _Rocks_.
The continuity stretching wasn't noticable to me, but I've yet to see the
original TV series and I'm only watching Zeta after watching all of 08th, so
I can't say how much of a stretch it was.
Pretty much everything was well done, it's got an interesting storyline,
some great mobile suits, its paced reasonably well, the characters aren't
rehashed of one's we seen before (well, in general), and it has great
Just the thought of mobile suit combat in a jungle setting appeals to me ...
space combat is great, but its nice to get things down to earth. They
handled the whole idea of ground warfare fairly realisticly and after seeing
Wing and X before seeing 08th, I must say it's nice to see that Gundams
aren't always treated as superhero's. They break down, they get arms, legs,
heads and other bits blown off just like any other MS.
And two final words: GM Sniper =)

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> > On Tue, 16 May 2000 23:49:04 -0700, wrote: > > > Makes me feel better since I just bought the Japanese 0080 DVDs. ^_^ > Seriously > > though, I think 0080-83 would do better now on DVD, than they did when > they were > > first released on tape, because of all the attention that Having wing on > TV has > > brought to Gundam. That my local Software etc... sold out of MSiAs in 2 > days > > shows that there is a greater interest in UC Gundam now. (Most of the > anime fans > > around here are of the anti-mecha variety) > > How is 08th MS Team? I know a lot of people have groused about its rampant > disregard of UC continuity, but as a story how good is it? Feel free to go > in-depth when giving me a review. > > As for 0083 and 0080...I think many anime fans are holding off buying those > until they reach DVD. 0083 would look so good in that format... > > Jojo > > > > > > _______________________________________________________ > Get 100% FREE Internet Access powered by Excite > Visit > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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