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>How is 08th MS Team? I know a lot of people have groused about its rampant
>disregard of UC continuity, but as a story how good is it? Feel free to go
>in-depth when giving me a review.

I personally like what I've seen of the story (the first 10 eps so far) far more than I do say, 0080 or 0083. It has a grimier (is that a word?) feel to it than 0080, and it has more character development than 0083. Plus, those characters are far more interesting than the ones in both of the other series, IMO.

It is just about my favorite Gundam series. But then again, I'm a fan of Battletech, so I like ground combat stories with mecha.

>As for 0083 and 0080...I think many anime fans are holding off buying those
>until they reach DVD. 0083 would look so good in that format...

Well, both 0080's and 0083's trailers on the first Gundam Wing DVD looked very nice, IMO.

BTW, speaking of which, my local Suncoast has like 10 or 15 more copies of the 1st DVD with the Hologram cover. On sale too for $22.


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