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Why do people hate Kou so much?? I dont get it.. Hes basically a nerdier non -newtypy Gundam pilot. I think many could emphasize with Kou.. Doesnt have combat experience, been left in the desert in a barely used
unit., no contact with women.. Id be messed up too.. Gato was very Cool.. But he was more interested in being a soldier and fighting for his cause than being with Nina.. Lets face it Nina didnt have her marbles together. I kinda felt sorry for Kou that Gp03 engineer got killed off.

I don't get why everyone hates Kou so much either. He's not much more of a loser than your standard mecha show protagonist, but we've been through this already.>>

I won't get into it, but the other heroes may have been brats, but they weren't whiners and they matured as the story progressed. I'll leave it at that.

<<Her name was Lucette. Damn, she was hot.


Yeah, she was hot. Why was she killed? I haven't seen the dubbed or subbed versions and this little detail has always escaped me.


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