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> > You should really watch the original series, even though the animation
> > dated, its the most important story in the whole Gundam Universe. Then
> > would watch 0080 and then 0083.
>No argument from me here, definitely start with the original series. Note
>I am not talking about the hacked to pieces movies. The animation is
>but it sets up all the background of the Gundam Universe. I recently
>the whole thing again on T.V. again and was surprised by how much better
>it is
>when compared to the crappy movies!
>Don't you guys hate all these anime movies that are simply bad cut and
>jobs done on T.V. series? Most of the time it's so badly done that the
>doesn't even make sense anymore. I really hated how spliced the Ranba Ral
>story with the black trinary together and ended up screwing it up in the
>movie; also cutting out the action between Gundam and the Medieval Knight
>look-a-like MS is inexcusable. IMHO the unholy trinity of the 3 original
>should be burned and forgotten while the original T.V. series should be
>in U.S., same should be done to other terrible spliced job like 0083 movie,
>first Creamy Mami movie... etc. The 0080 movie was actually decent, but
>it's not as good as the 6 episode series.

Generally, complilation movies aren't as good as the full series. The only
exception I can think of is the Macross Plus movie which, IMHO is actually
better than the series. Sure, they had to cut some cool stuff (like the
opening space battle) but the additional scences more than make up for it.
In addition, the movie seems to have a much tighter plot and better pacing
than the series.

>P.S. I would really like to find out what the name of the MS is, the
>shield that shots rockets out of it and that huge yellow beam saber are way

I think it's the Gyan. Since you seem to be a fan, I'll mention that HLJ
had the Gyan HGUC kit on sale at a very reduced price last time I checked.

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