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It's called The Gyan, I believe. There's some updates of it in ZZ Gundam, I
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> Hiya'll:
> > You should really watch the original series, even though the animation
> > dated, its the most important story in the whole Gundam Universe. Then
> > would watch 0080 and then 0083.
> No argument from me here, definitely start with the original series. Note
> I am not talking about the hacked to pieces movies. The animation is
> but it sets up all the background of the Gundam Universe. I recently
> the whole thing again on T.V. again and was surprised by how much better
it is
> when compared to the crappy movies!
> Don't you guys hate all these anime movies that are simply bad cut and
> jobs done on T.V. series? Most of the time it's so badly done that the
> doesn't even make sense anymore. I really hated how spliced the Ranba Ral
> story with the black trinary together and ended up screwing it up in the
> movie; also cutting out the action between Gundam and the Medieval Knight
> look-a-like MS is inexcusable. IMHO the unholy trinity of the 3 original
> should be burned and forgotten while the original T.V. series should be
> in U.S., same should be done to other terrible spliced job like 0083
> first Creamy Mami movie... etc. The 0080 movie was actually decent, but
> it's not as good as the 6 episode series.
> P.S. I would really like to find out what the name of the MS is, the
> shield that shots rockets out of it and that huge yellow beam saber are
> cool.
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