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>During my lunch break I was paging through the Mechadomain and got a good
>look at F90. I was impressed, so I've got a few questions:
>1. What exactly is the story? How does it fit in with the F91 movie, the
>Silhouette Formula 91 manga, etc?

Have you checked out the synopsis Mark Simmons wrote at

http://www.gundamproject.com/works/gundamf90.html ?

The story's premise is kind of a ripoff of 0083 - the SNRI (AE's new
competitor that would eventually win the Fed's MS contract) was working
on the next generation of mobile suits which are scaled down and more
powerful compared to OYW ~ CCA suits. As they were testing the F-90
prototypes, one of the units were hijacked by the Oldsmobile's force
(just like the Delaz Fleet, a Zeon faction that's been quietly hiding in
space, waiting for the right time to strike back at the Feds).

A task force centered around the remaining prototype F-90 Gundam was soon
put together and charged with the mission to recover the stolen unit
(hmm, just like the Albion that was put to the task of recovering Unit 2,
what a coincidence...). The story ends with a Gundam vs. Gundam duel not
unlike what happened at Solomon after Gato delivered the nuke...

>2. All of the Gundams seem to be the same frame with various equipment
>attatched to certain hard points on the body ... is this an accurate
>assessment? Or are there mulitple Gundams at all?

Yes. It's designed to be able to outfit itself with mission-specific
modules. The Geminass from G-Unit has the same design philosophy.

>3. The Zeon suits were what most imperssed me. It looks like they
>modernized a lot of designs and gave them a fresh, but similar look. Case
>in point, the Zugock. I've always hated the look of this MS from the first
>time I saw it, but the F90 redesign of it just looks COOL. The Rick Dom is
>a nice update that looks a little more trim and menacing. The Gelgoog and
>the Zaku look less modified, perhaps a bit rounder. What is the reasoning
>behind this?

They're hardcore OYW fans and decided to keep the look while giving those
suits some new guts. :)

>4. Were any of these model kits re-released? Or I guess a better question
>is which F90 models got its when they were first released?

Only Gundams were released in the F-90 line:

- F-90 w/ Assault, Destroid, and Support (think GunCannon) modules

- F-90 with Plunge (atmospheric re-entry) module

- F-90 VSBR experimental module (think F-91)

- F-90 II with long range weapon module

Kunio Okawara had quite a few more designs for the F-90 that were announced
by Bandai in their own Making Journal and other publications but ultimately
got canned (the man gets NO respect!), including a F-90 with marine combat

>5. Is there a collected volume of the F90 manga available?

Yes, it was published by the now defunct B-Club publishing division and
MediaWorks reissued it under its Dengeki Comics label.


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