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> I am one of the (apperantly rare) guys on this list who loves 0083. I think it
> has a good story, but some of the characters are a little lacking when compared
> to the original series 0080 or Zeta. The animation however is some of the best
> ever and the Chara designs are definately some of Kawamoto's finest.

I love 0083!! Lets face it we are deprived of good gundam here in the US, even
though we got wing, we dont get the the original gundam, we get the edited movie
versions.. Even tho nightengale and his buddies dont think highly of it , because it
doesnt rate as well as the other UC stuff, thats all relative. It may be a few years
till I can see the entirety of Zeta .ZZ. V, or 08 ms team.. Frankly I thought 0083
was pretty good. However I would have to say since SO much is going on , you have to
watch it a couple of times.. Without watchhing the original Gundam one would be
lost.. I agree about how it compares to the original or 0080.. 0080 had great
story, pacing and character development.. A MUST SEE.. The Gundam movies 1,2,3 are
great, but I get the feeliing Im missing a few nuances when watching it.. Im getting
original gundam lite.. However this is the best way to get the original till bandai
gets off their duff about it..

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