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> Hello all! I just found out that a store near my house has the Gundam Movie
> Trilogy, all of Gundam 0080, and all of Gundam 0083. I was wondering which
> would be the best for me to start, seeing as I have only been exposed to Wing
> and leafing through a novel in Japanese that I couldn't understand of the
> Original. I like story over mecha so I am leaning towards 0080, but I want
> your opinions. Thanks in advance!

By all means get 0080 or the Movie trilogy both are excellent stories!

0080 is IMHO the best Gundam, it manages to boil down many of Gundam's best
elements into 6 episodes. It was my first Gundam way back in 91, and I'm still a
big Gundam fan.

The Movies have very dated animation and It is obviously a product of the 70s,
but if you can look past that, I'm sure you'll like it. You can also have fun
picking out the scenes and characters which wing paid homage to.

I am one of the (apperantly rare) guys on this list who loves 0083. I think it
has a good story, but some of the characters are a little lacking when compared
to the original series 0080 or Zeta. The animation however is some of the best
ever and the Chara designs are definately some of Kawamoto's finest.

---Brett Jensen

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