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<< Hello all! I just found out that a store near my house has the Gundam Movie Trilogy, all of Gundam 0080, and all of Gundam 0083. I was wondering which would be the best for me to start, seeing as I have only been exposed to Wing and leafing through a novel in Japanese that I couldn't understand of the Original. I like story over mecha so I am leaning towards 0080, but I want your opinions. Thanks in advance! >>

I think you should definitely watch the original three movies before you watch 0080. While I can't say enough about how good I think GUNDAM 0080 is, seeing the original movies will establish for you the world and situation that the story 0080 happens in.

I think sometimes, we veteran Gundam fans forget that the reason the 0080 story affected us so much, is because we knew what context that it took place, against the immense backdrop of the conflict between the Earth Federation and the Duchy of Zeon. MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM "is" that war. Seeing the original movies first will give you a greater appreciation of 0080 and 0083 than if you just watched them first, and since you have all of them at your disposal, go with the first ones.

this is just my humble opinion,

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