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<< HGs of the Psycho Gundam or PsyG MK-II would be great, but they'd run a
pretty penny. >>
>Well, the normal HGUC's are reasonably priced, I can't imagine an HG
Psycho Gundam MK-I and MK-II costing anymore than a Master Grade.

I'd be happy shelling 30-40 for HG Psycho, escpecially the MK-II, but I
can't pretend to understand how pricing affects Bandai's marketing strategy.

>Now that we've opened the can of worms on Sentinel, I'd love to get a
Barzam "Refine Type", that looks very cool, very much like the RX-178 (my
all time fave). I'd love to get a Nero and Nouvel GM-III too. Oh, I almost
forgot, I like the Gaza-E too.

The Refined Barzam was impressive, coming across as an attempt to salvage
the Barzam design by using RX-178 components (yet another Sentinel Hybrid).
I get the feeling, though, that such a kit would be seen as a variation on
an already obscure design (although that's the whole point of this thread).

><<And while I think the original 1/144 kit was decent, I thing the
Bau/Bawoo really deserves a retcon. It was one of the few Jion designs to
come off as dynamic as a Gundam >>
>I vote for the Bawoo too.

The Bawoo fan club grows stronger everyday! Soon we will rule the...ahem.
Maybe if we all cross our fingers we'll seen a HGUC version.


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