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<< HGs of the Psycho Gundam or PsyG MK-II would be great, but they'd run a pretty penny. >>

Well, the normal HGUC's are reasonably priced, I can't imagine an HG Psycho Gundam MK-I and MK-II costing anymore than a Master Grade.

<< My two votes would probably be the Marasai and it's big, side-story brother, the XEKU-EINS. The Marasai was nice, compact design that never really came across well from the original Z-Gundam series. Likewise, while the heroic mecha from Sentinel Gundam actually became Bandai Kits, the Marasai/Zaku-III hybrid the XEKU-EIN only got limited release as a garage kit. If Bandai released a HG(UC?) X-E that could be built in any one of the three configurations, I'd pre-order three and
probably buy more. Same goes for the Marasai. >>

Now that we've opened the can of worms on Sentinel, I'd love to get a Barzam "Refine Type", that looks very cool, very much like the RX-178 (my all time fave). I'd love to get a Nero and Nouvel GM-III too. Oh, I almost forgot, I like the Gaza-E too.

<<Runners up include the Asshimar flying saucer (which I don't believe ever got a 1/144 release) and the much maligned Hi-Zak, which showed just how ugly Fed-Jion cooperation could be!>>

Hi-Zak might've been a crap mobile suit, but I sure like how it looks.

<<And while I think the original 1/144 kit was decent, I thing the Bau/Bawoo really deserves a retcon. It was one of the few Jion designs to come off as dynamic as a Gundam >>

I vote for the Bawoo too.

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