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Wed, 17 May 2000 07:17:22 -0700

Anime Central revisionism (04:31 PM EST): Over the weekend, MegaZone made a
few changes to his con report (sleep helps clarify things!) and we've
updated the report for it. Not many changes at all. We also received a
follow-up from Jerry Chu of Bandai Entertainment today that Gundam 0080: War
in the Pocket is not slated for DVD release at this time. Gundam 08th MS
Team was the title being mentioned and probably just misheard in the con
report as the new Gundam title to hit the market next year.

Now this is a good thing, IMHO. 08th MS blends a lot of the really good UC
Gundam stuff with accessibility to new viewers since its a standalone
sidestory. Plus, being so recent, the animation rocks.

(7 new Mobile Suit Girls added to the archive last night!)

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