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>Ok. While I think a 1/100 GP03 Dendrobium would be realy cool, the
>responses from the list have convinced me that the 10000 yen model probably
>isn't it. However, I'm still hoping for 1/144.
>Just for refrence, here's the dimensions of the original and of a model in
>some different scales Bandai has used for MS/MA models over the years:
>Model number / RX-78GP03
> 1/1 1/100 1/144 1/220 1/250 1/300 1/550
>Overall length 140.0m 140.0cm 97.2cm 63.6cm 56.0cm 46.7cm 25.5cm
>Unarmed length 73.0m 73.0cm 50.7cm 33.2cm 29.2cm 24.3cm 13.3cm
>Overall width 62.0m 62.0cm 43.1cm 28.2cm 24.8cm 20.7cm 11.3cm
>Overall height 38.5m 38.5cm 26.7cm 17.5cm 15.4cm 12.8cm 7.0cm
>Model number / RX-78GP03S
>Overall height 18.0m 18.0cm 12.5cm 8.2cm 7.2cm 6.0cm 3.3cm
>The important dimension is probably the Unarmed Lenths (since the really
>long beam cannon wouldn't contribute too significantly to the cost of the
>Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

Thank you for sparing me from calculating.

Let's see... A PG Gundam costs 12000 Yen and its box it's big enough to
contain a
1/144 RX-78GP03. So I'd say that 1/144 should be the right scale, but still
a one meter plastic model kit seems too big for me given the size of the
average japanese house :)!

Ciao, Massimiliano

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