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>> Subject: [gundam]Where are the guns?
>> The Mechadomain list the AMX-011 Zaku III as having three beam guns, one
>> with an output of 1.6 kw and two with 2.8 kw. Could someone tell me where
>> on the MS these guns are?
>The 1.6 kw beam rifle is the beam rifle that you see in the picture. The
>other 2 beam cannons are the left and right front skirts which can be lifted
>up and 2 handle bar pop out. Since the cannons are directly attached to the
>frame of the mobile suit and drawing the energy directly from the MS
>reactor, it is much more powerful (but harder to aim).
>[ Rodrick Su [ ]
>[ rsu@tigana.com [ I might be crazier than you think. ]

Cool. Thanks.


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