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> Had some questions to ask.
> Chronologically, the NT-1 should be the first non-Core Fighter
>equipped Gundam, followed by the GP-02A and then the GP-03S, and then the
>Mk. II. Correct?

Actually, the RX-79[G] Ground combat model Gundam was the first without a
core fighter.

> Anyway, are these non-Core Fighter Gundams equipped with escape
>similar to what we see in Zeta?

I'd suspect the Alex and GP-03S (both with linear seat cockpits) might be.
I doubt the GP-02A, which seems to have a more traditional cockpit has an
escape sphere.

> As a further question, does the GP-04 design have a Core Fighter?
>think the GT doesn't have one, but I'm asking about the GP-04.

Don't know.

> Here's an interesting thought. The NT-1 wasn't totally destroyed
>Bernard Wiseman. It had one arm hacked off, the head sheared off, and took
>blast from a Zaku II engine at point blank, but if IIRC it remained
>relatively intact.

Probably salvagable, with a LOT of work.

I've actually got an outline for a fanfic involving a direct development of
the NT-1. The idea is that in 0083, there were some Federation officers who
didn't trust the growing influence of Aneheim Electronics. Therefore, the
built an improved Alex (called the NT-2) which would compete with the GP-01
(they didn't feel the need to compete with specialized machines like the
GP-02 and 03, just the general use GP-01). The plan was for competitive
trials off between the GP-01 and the NT-2 after the Naval Review (sort of
like Macross Plus). Of course, the theft of Unit 2 and the subsequent
events of Operation Stardust led to the terminaton of the Gundam Project and
the NT-2 went back on the shelf.

Brief snippet of dialouge:
General: "The goal of the Gundam Project is to develop advanced mobile suit
Captain: "I thought the goal of the Gundam Project was to capture a bigger
share of the mobile suit market for Aneheim Electronics."
General: "That too."

My outline meshes pretty well with what we see onscreen in 0083, but since
the fanfic itself would be a sequel to one that I'm still writing, it'll
probably be awhile before I get around to it :-(

> Of course, the NT-1 couldn't be repaired in time for Amuro to use
>in the OYW, but it *could* have been repaired, and used as a testbed for
>future MS development. We do know the 0083 Guncannon decended from the
>original Guncannon and the NT-1, and the MG kit of the GM Custom strongly
>suggest that the GM also descended from the NT-1. So what other MS could
>have descended from the NT-1?

I believe the GM Custom officially descends from the Alex. The RGC-83 (the
0083 Guncannon) is a crossbreed of the GM Custom and the Guncannon.

> Pure conjecture, of course, but I think GP-01 was a design taken
>from the original RX-79, a straight improvement of systems proven in the

Do you mean the RX-79 Ground combat model from the 08th MS Team or did you
mean the original RX-78-2? I think the GP-01 is more likely descended from
the latter.

> GP-02A, however, had a few more interesting toys. It had no Core
>Fighter, for one, and it had a unique weapon, ala the NT-1. Could GP-02 be
>mutated outgrowth of NT-1? Unlikely, but it seems that the non-Core Fighter
>design of the NT-1 might have turned some heads.

More likely it was the far more well known non-core fighter equipped GMs.

> After the GP project got buried, the Titans could have either
>sneaked a copy of the GP project out and adapted the GP-02's non-CF design,
>or more likely, dusted off the NT and took a good hard look at it. A Core
>Fighter is probably no good for a moveable frame MS, so a non-CF Gundam
>might be a good place to start looking for ideas. The result? RX-178.

Actually, the RX-178 Gundam Mk. II is descended from the GM Quell (the black
GM seen for a few seconds in the last episode of 0083). The Quell is just a
development/variant of the GM Custom which is itself the descendant of the

> (The thought that the Titans looked at a Guncannon for inspiration
>isn't particularly pleasant. =)
> Fast Forward to CCA. Someone mentioned not long ago about the
>similarities between the NT and the Nu. Could AE have taken the basic NT
>design, which was tuned generally for NT and specifically for Amuro, and
>upgraded it with new technologies, cumulating with the psycho-frame
>technology, all designed specifically for Amuro's use?
> Sadly though, the most distinctive armament of the NT-1 is never
>replicated in any Federation MS that I remember. The Dreissen is the
>closest, AFAIK.
> Given the trememdous recoil of a Gatling, however, I guess the
>and tear on the elbow joint might be a bit over the top to justify it. =)
>Just how many rounds can it carry? 90 per arm?
> Wondering again. Amuro had a reputation of a sniper with his beam
>cannon, right? So why give him a pair of scattershot Gatlings? I'm willing
>to bet that Christine Mackenize sprayed a good percentage of her long burst
>at everything *except* the Kampfer, so why would Amuro want that sort of

I didn't see her taking any long range shots against the Kampfer.

> Now, Amuro with a proposed GP-04.. that will be interesting. =)
> Hope this generates some interesting responses.. =)
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