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>BTW, was Nagano involved in the design of the Zeta Gundam? Just curious - it
>looks like something that he may have touched or drafted for.

Mamoru Nagano did the principal design of the MSN-00100 Hyakushiki (which
was subsequently modified by Kazumi Fujita) and the RX-178 Gundam Mk. II
(with both Kunio Ohkawara and Kazumi Fujita) and designed the RMS-099 Rick
Dias and RMS-117 Galbaldy Beta. He also had a hand in the RX-139 Hambrabi,
I think, but I'm not sure to what extent.

In Z Gundam, "MSN" indicates a Mamoru Nagano MS and "MSK" a Kazumi Fujita MS.

Some of the 20th anniversary retrospectives show Nagano's original designs,
which were quite different from the final versions.


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