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        Had some questions to ask.

        Chronologically, the NT-1 should be the first non-Core Fighter
equipped Gundam, followed by the GP-02A and then the GP-03S, and then the
Mk. II. Correct?

        Anyway, are these non-Core Fighter Gundams equipped with escape pods
similar to what we see in Zeta?

        As a further question, does the GP-04 design have a Core Fighter? I
think the GT doesn't have one, but I'm asking about the GP-04.

        Here's an interesting thought. The NT-1 wasn't totally destroyed by
Bernard Wiseman. It had one arm hacked off, the head sheared off, and took a
blast from a Zaku II engine at point blank, but if IIRC it remained
relatively intact.

        Of course, the NT-1 couldn't be repaired in time for Amuro to use it
in the OYW, but it *could* have been repaired, and used as a testbed for
future MS development. We do know the 0083 Guncannon decended from the
original Guncannon and the NT-1, and the MG kit of the GM Custom strongly
suggest that the GM also descended from the NT-1. So what other MS could
have descended from the NT-1?

        Pure conjecture, of course, but I think GP-01 was a design taken
from the original RX-79, a straight improvement of systems proven in the OYW.

        GP-02A, however, had a few more interesting toys. It had no Core
Fighter, for one, and it had a unique weapon, ala the NT-1. Could GP-02 be a
mutated outgrowth of NT-1? Unlikely, but it seems that the non-Core Fighter
design of the NT-1 might have turned some heads.

        After the GP project got buried, the Titans could have either
sneaked a copy of the GP project out and adapted the GP-02's non-CF design,
or more likely, dusted off the NT and took a good hard look at it. A Core
Fighter is probably no good for a moveable frame MS, so a non-CF Gundam
might be a good place to start looking for ideas. The result? RX-178.

        (The thought that the Titans looked at a Guncannon for inspiration
isn't particularly pleasant. =)

        Fast Forward to CCA. Someone mentioned not long ago about the
similarities between the NT and the Nu. Could AE have taken the basic NT
design, which was tuned generally for NT and specifically for Amuro, and
upgraded it with new technologies, cumulating with the psycho-frame
technology, all designed specifically for Amuro's use?

        Sadly though, the most distinctive armament of the NT-1 is never
replicated in any Federation MS that I remember. The Dreissen is the
closest, AFAIK.

        Given the trememdous recoil of a Gatling, however, I guess the wear
and tear on the elbow joint might be a bit over the top to justify it. =)
Just how many rounds can it carry? 90 per arm?

        Wondering again. Amuro had a reputation of a sniper with his beam
cannon, right? So why give him a pair of scattershot Gatlings? I'm willing
to bet that Christine Mackenize sprayed a good percentage of her long burst
at everything *except* the Kampfer, so why would Amuro want that sort of weapon?

        Now, Amuro with a proposed GP-04.. that will be interesting. =)

        Hope this generates some interesting responses.. =)

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