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I would love to take the legs of a RGM-79GS GM build a more stream lined
hips and torso, make the arms about 15% longer than standard. Left arm a
beam weapon of some kind built under on the forearm, Right arm would be
stream lined with a built on blocking shield oval shaped , as long as the
forearm and twice as wide as the arm. The head would look like a full face
motorcycle helmet. The front glass could be ejected revealing a learing
skull face underneath to spook lesser spined enemys. 2 comm antenas would
attach on the back just under the shoulders and arc backwards and up to
about head height. Would be colored bone with white and brown highlights in
a skeleton bone pattern, red tips on the end of the Antenas and both hands
in a spattered affect.
    Paint your machine as bright as possible, if your good enough there is
no need to hide.

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Subject: [gundam] How would you design a Gundam?

OK, if you were hired to design a Gundam by Sunrise, and they wanted you to
make it fresh and new, how would you design it? What would be your custom
Gundam design?
  Here's what I would do(I've actually drawn fanart of this) I would give it
antennae similar to the Victory and Crossbone Gundams, and make the head a
little less boxy and a little more rounded, though not as round as Turn As.
I would then radically redesign the eyes, with much larger, tilted eyes,
with the red area around the eyes(White in some Gundams)Instead of being
placed around the eyes, bee placed around the "Mouthpiece" area. I hope this
description helps, since I'm not very good at describing things :)
   As for the body, I'd give it GP02 style "Airvents"(Those yellow things on
the chest-they are airvents, are'nt they?)as well as a similar
torso/cockpit(But much, much leaner)Also, the red block section around the
cockpit would be similar to Turn As. The waist and legs would be similar to
the classic Gundam, but a little smoother. I'd give it Turn A's shoulders,
and general Gundam arms. I'd also give it a beam shield.
 I hope my description made sense :)
Any other thoughts on how YOU would design a Gundam?

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