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Scopedog is a good design from the outside but the seat inside the cockpit
seems a bit too big. The model kit from Takara is not too bad for a very
old model.

I guess we are too spoiled with the MG series from Bandai.....

Anyway the IPMS model contest is in a few weeks and I plan to enter a desert
red shoulder Scopedog, a MG GM custom and my first MG project a Zeta Gundam.

Wish me luck.

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Mark Simmons wrote:

> Nope. Okawara did the rough drafts of the Mk.II and Hizack, which were
> then "cleaned up" by Kazumi Fujita, who also created the Z Gundam. (Nagano
> also took a shot at the Z Gundam's head - his antennae-less version
> in silhouette in the first version of the Z Gundam opening.)

Interesting. In retrospect, the Zeta didn't appear in the "Ironworks" book.
gets no respect. ^_^ It might have something to do with all the stiff and
unrealistic joints on his early Gundam and Dougram designs. Still the man
did create
the Scopedog which I still think is the best mecha design ever.

---Brett Jensen

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