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Tue, 16 May 2000 11:44:44 -0700

Brett Jensen writes,

> I'm fairly certain that Kunio Ohkawara did the Zeta, the MK II, and the
> Hizack, since they were all in his "Ironworks" book.

  Nope. Okawara did the rough drafts of the Mk.II and Hizack, which were
then "cleaned up" by Kazumi Fujita, who also created the Z Gundam. (Nagano
also took a shot at the Z Gundam's head - his antennae-less version appears
in silhouette in the first version of the Z Gundam opening.)

Federico Makabenta writes,

>> Yeah, Mamoru Nagano was a mecha designer on Zeta Gundam. I'm certain that the
>> Rick Dias and Hyaku-Shiki were his design but I am not sure what others he
>> did for the show or if he was involved in ZZ. Maybe someone more
>> knowledgeable can do a breakdown of who designed what in Zeta and ZZ.

  Ugh, big project. Maybe I'll throw this in when I do my upcoming revision
to the Gundam Project's mecha listings.

-- Mark

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