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I'm fairly certain that Kunio Ohkawara did the Zeta, the MK II, and the Hizack, since they were all in his "Ironworks" book. The Quebley was definately created by Nagano, and I think many of the other designs were too. Nagano has a very distinctive style.

Oh god, how I wish we'd see a domestic release of The "Five Star Stories" movie! That is one Japanese LD that I just can't afford.

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> << BTW, was Nagano involved in the design of the Zeta Gundam? Just curious - it looks like something that he may have touched or drafted for.
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> Yeah, Mamoru Nagano was a mecha designer on Zeta Gundam. I'm certain that the Rick Dias and Hyaku-Shiki were his design but I am not sure what others he did for the show or if he was involved in ZZ. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can do a breakdown of who designed what in Zeta and ZZ.
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