M. R. Hannibal (saiyajin11@hotmail.com)
Tue, 16 May 2000 14:56:10 GMT

I am sitting at my desk...tired as I can be...with all of my work finfished.
So I am daydreaming, and a few thoughts pop into my head.....

   1) If the Federation had developed the Gundam X before the battle of A
Bao A Qu, and fielded it at the battle....would would have happened?
(Yeah..Gundam from a different universe...but IMHO Gundam X is VERY UC-like)

   2) If the Doros was not destroyed, and it's captain fled with
Delaz...would the addition of such a ship and it's mobile suits have changed
the Delaz Insurrection's outcome at all?

   3) Would the survival of Garma Zabi have changed ANYTHING?

   4) What would have happened if General Kerane had survived, and reached
space? Would his presence had inspired the defenders of Solomon and A Bao A
Qu any?

   5) Would the presence of 100 Kampfers and a few battalions of Gelgoog
Jaegers have affected the outcome of Solomon or A Bao A Qu?

   6) How many ships did the Feds lose at Ruum? And what would have happened
if the Feds made a preemtory strike at Side 3 in 0078?

   7) How many members of White Dingo survived the OYW?

   8) Where the bloody hell was Char during the Delaz Insurrection? And what
was Bright Noah and the rest of the gang during it?

   9) While I am on it.......how in the solar system could the Feds let Gato
steal such a powerful suit in the first place? Was security THAT lax after
the One Year War?

  10) What if Delaz had survived Stardust? Would he have went to Axis? How
do you think his presence could have affected Zeta Gundam?

Well...that is all...for now....

SEIG ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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