Vladimir Len (vjlen@mindspring.com)
Tue, 16 May 2000 09:43:16 -0500

> Anyone know where I can get past issues of this magazine? I'm even
> interested in getting a subscription if possible. Anyways, do
> they have an
> website? Can I find any issues online? Oiga... thanks for the help.

Website is at http://www.hobbyj.co.jp/ -- there's not a whole lot there
regarding the magazine, other than teaser pictures and highlights for the
current issue.

I've had a subscription through a Japanese bookstore here in the Chicago
area since 1983 (and yes, I've kept every issue -- god help me when I have
to move again...) I've been able to order back issues, sometimes up to a
year back.

- Vlad

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