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>> well, I would like to see a Bawoo/Bau from ZZ. I think it's a rare Nagano

>> for an enemy unit....god knows it looks like an FSS mech.
>I wonder how they're gonna make an MG model of this flying weirdo? It looks

>decent enough, but you'd disappoint a lot of fans if you don't integrate the

>transformation sequence.

Aye, that is the problem...right now, am figuring out how to improve on the
1/144 scale version. I think it has one of the best designs, mecha wise, of
the whole series.

>BTW, was Nagano involved in the design of the Zeta Gundam? Just curious - it

>looks like something that he may have touched or drafted for.

I think it may have had Nagano's touch in it, considering the face and the waist
The overall feminine design is also there. very nagano.

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