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Tue, 16 May 2000 18:03:25 +1200 wrote:

> > 1/144 Zaku ??
> I could be persuaded to buy this, if there's some new gimmicks, but what?
> Hmm it's only a matter of time before Bandai takes that 08MST Zaku mold
> and press a Char's Zaku out of it, but there's already FG... Oh... it
> won't be a High Mobility Type, will it? @_@

I think Char's Zaku is the most likely ?

> > MG
> > 1/100 Gouf
> > 1/100 Kaempfer
> > 1/100 Type 100 - January 2001 release
> Wow, this got to be too good to be true. This seems like more a wish list
> than a future plan. I would expect at least a few more GM and Gundam
> variants before we see all three of these. Expecially Gouf, the HGUC mold
> hasn't even cooled down yet.
> > 1/100 Full Armour ZZ Gundam
> ugh... who needs a FAZZ?
> Overall this list looks too much like wishful thinking, isn't it, Tet?

As far as I know, the kits mentioned are actually in
pre-planning/planning/development stages. It's possible some may be held
back/cancelled/change scale etc (The Full Armour ZZ was first reported by the
source late last year) but you can pretty much expect most of them to be
released within the next 12months.

It does seem pretty unlikely that the MG Gouf would come out sometime this
year but who knows, there seems to be a lot of demand for it. Maybe the HG
version was a test? It goes against the theory that a HGUC release rules out
a MG release, but it's possible Bandai releases the HGUC version of MS they
are not too sure about to gauge demand, and if it's successful, they consider
a MG release? That would explain the release of the Type 100 as well. If there
is any sort of order to this scheme then the Gouf should be expected after the
Type 100 and that would mean mid-2001.

Bare in mind the fact that the upcoming release of the RX-79(G) and the v1.5
didn't make too much sense either when they were announced...not to mention
that MSiA Bigzam (I'm still puzzled by their reasoning). Who knows what's
going on in the depths of Bandai HQ. : )

One last thing, I'm not sure but I think the Full Armour ZZ Gundam might be
the standard ZZ with the bolt on armour (as seen in the anime) and not the
Gundam Sentinel FAZZ.


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