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Tue, 16 May 2000 21:46:57 GMT

>Release date Unknown - very likely HGUC series.
>1/144 Dom Tropen

It's about time...if only they would do a Xammel as well.

>1/144 Gelgoog Marine

hmmmm...they can retool the old 0080 Gelgoog-J kit for that.

>1/144 Gato's Gelgoog

errr, what's the diff?

>1/144 Zaku ??

hmmm...again? I thought the 08thMS was okay as it was.

>1/144 Char's Zugock

That was to be expected.

>Unknown scale - GP03 Stamen & Dendrobium 10000yen

Hmmmm, I'm willing to bet 1/220 or 1/250.

>Master Grade
>1/100 Gouf

Massive zaku retooling, but it's feasible. Ranba Ral version, hopefully.

>1/100 Kaempfer

NO WAY!!!! It has no frame precedent! but if they do it, YAHOO!

>1/100 Type 100 - January 2001 release

Hmmm, I knew this would eventually come out. It will probably share frame structures
with the Mk.II

>1/100 Full Armour ZZ Gundam

This is no surprise. Upon inspecting a ZZ kit in my fave store (they allowed
me a peek), I saw suspicious PC ports on the legs, and certain body parts had
slots and depressions which I found...tantalizing.


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