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>There are just some really neat MS in Gundam that, unfortunately, don't =
>get enough attention. Although I've yet to see Zeta, I'd like to see =
>something like an HG Psycho Gundam, or a Xammel(Which only exists as a =
>resin kit). I know Xammel does'nt have legs and is'nt really poseable, =
>but neither does Guntank... it's even difficult to find a decent picture =

>of a Xammel.
>Any other great MS that simply don't get enough attention?

well, I would like to see a Bawoo/Bau from ZZ. I think it's a rare Nagano design
for an enemy unit....god knows it looks like an FSS mech. Another one I want
to see is the Dreissen. and then there is the Dovenwolf (from which the lower
legs of the MK.IV seem to be taken). And then there is the R-Jarja. There's
a lot of cool stuff from Z and ZZ.

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