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Mon, 15 May 2000 09:39:23 -0700

Robert Fleming wrote:

> Unfortunatly they were 90% Revell kits (whimper) I did find out some of the
> joints are Identicle for arms and torso on the Arii kits, the legs are
> different tho so I and looking into some aluminum casting ideas.

Um... Aren't the Revell Robotech models, simply repackaged versions of the ARII
Macross models? Also I think these kits are fairly cheap, it might be easier to
just buy new ones and use the old ones as battlefield wreckage in a diorama.

> Veritech was the Robotech name sorry Veritech Fighter = Valkyrie

Yeah, I know. I was being a smart alec. Perhaps I should have written: I do not
acknowledge the word veritech.

---Brett Jensen

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