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><<[On the other hand, if you want TWO colony models, one for the standard
>"open type" colony and one for the Zeon "closed type" colony, the 70,000:1
>scale looks like the sweet spot.]
>Or you can just go for the 1:144 model and take a year or two to build it.
>It'll be cool to house a couple of your mobile suits in them...
>~Andy Lee
>CookSuxXL >>
>Oh yeah, my 1/144 scale "Ahgama" is going to be about 7 feet long, stem to
>stern. I don't even want to think what a matching colony would be like. If
>anyone built a colony, they could probably live in it too.

A 1:144 scale colony would be about 225 meters (730 feet) long, about the
same size as a 1:1 scale White Base!


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